In the LEARN ORIGAMI BY DIAGRAMS I will refer to some external links that have good simple models to fold. Here is a list of websites you might want to consider when you are looking to find more artists, free diagrams and cps or just to learn and get inspired about origami. I grew up with these links and there is no particular order of difficulty. This is just a start in what a folder must know about origami put together just to push you out there. I would recommend that you get familiar with diagrams, and then move to crease patterns to finally start designing. Remember, GOOGLE is your best friend.  Good luck and enjoy your folding!!!!

Diagrams and Cps;

  • Origami resource center; here you can find many models from a simple jumping frog to star wars origami. Excellent for beginners.
  • Victoria and Vladimir Serov (Russia). A large set of more complicated diagrams.                                                       
  • Gilad’s origami page, some diagrams but an amazing model database.
  • Origami Forum.  Many countries have forums, but for English speakers this forum offers the best service. Ask for help, participate in competitions search diagrams etc…
  • Nicholas Terry. Good collection of cps and diagrams.
  • Origami Shop. Just in case you might want to buy paper or books.
  • British Origami. A good place for beginner folding but more importantly a good database and research tool.

Artists to check out;

Here are the must know artists for any beginner. Eventually research will lead to a much more diverse repertoire, but this is a good place to start. Every artist here has a page with some diagrams and cps. But most important is to view their artwork.
Robert J Lang
Satoshi Kamiya
Eric Joisel
John Montroll
Nicholas Terry
Joseph Ku
Sipho Mabona
Michael Lafosse
Eric Shmit
Joel Cooper
Victoria and Vladimir Serov
Shuki Kato


Arab Origami, another origami initiative in the Middle East.
‘Between The Folds’ is an amazing documentary about origami everybody must see!!